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The enlarged Board meeting was held of the Transport Prosecutor's office of the Volga Transport district in summarizing of the results of the work in the 1st half of 2016

On August 5, 2016, under the chairmanship of the Transport Prosecutor of the Volga Transport district Timur Kebekov held an extended Board meeting on summarizing of the results of the work in the 1st half of 2016 and identified tasks to strengthen the rule of law for the 2nd half of the year.
The meeting was attended by heads of law-enforcement and Supervisory bodies of the Volga transport region, by the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, by representatives of the Commissioner for human rights, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in the Nizhny Novgorod region, by the members of the Board and heads of departments of Transport Prosecutor's office, by the transport prosecutors, by employees of the transport Prosecutor's offices and by chefs of law enforcement bodies in subjects of the Volga transport region in the video mode.
The Board meeting was opened by Transport Prosecutor of the Volga Transport district, who noted that the activities of the prosecution was aimed at solving priority tasks for the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen, state and public interests, the coordination of the fight against crime, ensuring security on transport. Here, the basic principle of supervision in all areas of work is control over review of included acts of prosecutorial response before the moment of actual real and unconditional elimination of each identified violations of the law.
Also during the meeting speakers noted that in the implementation of supervision of observance of the Federal legislation of the Prosecutor's office about 6 thousand violations of the law were revealed. 716 views were made, 454 protest against the law on legal acts were brought, 76 persons were warned about the inadmissibility of violation of the law in order to eliminate them.
As a result of prosecutorial interference 90 % of violations of the law were eliminated, 825 of those responsible for their approval, were brought to administrative and disciplinary responsibility. On materials of Prosecutor's inspections 38 criminal cases were initiated.
More than 450 of the acts of response were taken to eliminate the 740 violations of the legislation on safety of traffic and operation of railway transport in the car-repair enterprises, at the maintenance of railway tracks and crossings, in the field of safety of cargo and observance of terms of their delivery.

System oversight in this area contributed to the decrease by 26% (from 152 to 112)of the number of the incidents at the site of the Gorky and Kuibyshev Railways related to the violation of safety rules of movement and operation of railway transport for common use.
Due to the implementation of joint activities with the Volga interregional environmental Prosecutor's office 178 violations of the law on safety of navigation and fire safety on inland water transport, ecological, sanitary-epidemiological legislation were eliminated. During the reporting period were permitted no accidents in inland waterway transport.
In the framework of the protection of the rights of business entities the Transport Prosecutor of the Volga Transport district has signed agreements and has established cooperation with the business Ombudsman in Samara, Vladimir, Ulyanovsk regions, Republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, and Udmurtia. Continuous monitoring of data of inspections of regulatory authorities in the Unified registry of inspections was organized. Close attention was paid to the prevention of illegal activities on control, elimination of administrative barriers to the passage of licensing procedures.
At the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to the customs authorities a set of measures was adopted aimed at ensuring adequate control over execution of adopted decisions on collection of customs payments at the expense of property of the payer and interaction with divisions of the Federal Bailiff Service, the observance of the established procedure for control of customs value of the goods and the elimination of the use cases of risk management contrary to the goals and objectives of its application.
In civil, arbitration and administrative proceedings in courts of General jurisdiction and arbitration courts, the prosecutors sent the application 201 in the amount of more than 46 million rubles. Satisfaction of these claims amounted to 99%.
Dets on wages were completely eliminated over 30 million rubles to the stuff of JSC "Shipping company Tatflot", JSC "Bashkir river shipping company", JSC "the River port "Ufa", JSC "Port Kozmodemyansk", LLC “Rosintek”. Currently, the debts of wages at the enterprises of transport in the Volga region, has gone.
Increased in the reporting period, the number of citizens compared to 2015 from 1.5 to 1.7 thousand indicates at the continuing growth of public confidence to the Prosecutor's office, which launched a new Internet project "Free Legal Aid", which has become a form of "people's control" over the activities of owners of transport infrastructure, law enforcement and regulatory agencies in the transport and customs areas. Significant public interest in the Internet portal was Noted, more than 5 thousand views of the inhabitants of many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and countries in Western Europe of posted information were registered. In addition, the citizens use portal to direct requests for clarification of the current legislation and initiate checks on the facts of violation of their rights in transport and customs sphere.

At the end of the event Transport Prosecutor's office of the Volga Transport district Timur Kebekov has expressed gratitude to the leadership and colleagues of law enforcement and Supervisory authorities for working together to strengthen law and order in the transport region.
Following the event, a set of measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of the oversight activities of the bodies of the Transport Prosecutor's office of the Volga Transport district has was developed.