Today, 24 May 2018

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The Russian Prosecutor's office was established on 12 January, 1722 by the Highest Nominal decree of Peter Governing Senate:" General Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor supposed to be in the Senate ". When creating the Prosecutor's office Peter the Great task was "to destroy or weaken evil stemming from disorder, injustice, bribery and lawlessness."

Introducing the First senators of the Procurator-General count Pavel Ivanovich Yaguzhinsky, Peter said: "That is my eye, which I am going to see."

Due to specifics of the transportation industry and its role in public life and its particular significance in the development of economic processes in 2007 the centralized system of transport offices of public Prosecutor was recreated. Now there are 8 of them in the Russian Federation. Transport Prosecutor's office of the Volga Transport District is one of the largest. It brings together 13 regions of the Volga, Central and Ural Federal districts. Experts say that in recent years, a system of supervision has fully justified itself and has confirmed its effectiveness. Its primary objective is the safety and stability of transport, her tactic is to be always at the forefront of events.

On this festive day, and on the eve of the 10th anniversary since the reconstruction of the system of bodies of specialized transport Prosecutor's office, it is appropriate to summarize the work of the Transport Prosecutor's office of the Volga Transport District.

All these years the prosecution was traditionally focused on issues of ensuring safety of flights and navigation, transportation safety, respect for the rule of law in the sphere of customs regulation, protection of citizens ' constitutional rights, the coordination of activities of law enforcement agencies to fight against crime, including its corruption.